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The Director of Mines & Geology is overall in-charge in the administration of the department. In respect of Regulatory work he will advice the government in the matters of mineral policies, implement the policies framed by the Government. DM&G submits proposals to the Government for grant of Mineral concession for Major Minerals after the applications are processed by subordinate offices. DM&G is the authority for grant of quarry leases for granite useful for cutting and polishing purposes. He is quasi-judicial authority under Rule 35 of APMMC Rule 1966. In respect of promotional work, the Director Mines & Geology will formulate the schemes for taking up mineral investigation and other related works, submit to the central geological programming board and formulate the scheme in respect of mineral investigations with other agencies.

Joint Director of Mines & Geology: (State Level)

  1. Incharge of regulatory work i.e. processing of applications for Mining Leases / Prospecting Licences and submitting reports to Government. Correspondence relating to appeals, revisions and writ Petitions for both Major and Minor Minerals
  2. Conducting inspections (in selected cases) for areas applied for leases before Submitting final reports.
  3. Inspection of working and non-working mines and quarries from technical point of view to ensure systematic and scientific reports.
  4. Preparation of administration reports.
  5. Finalization of assessments over Rupees 50 lakhs and above and watch Collections of mineral revenue.
  6. General work relating to interpretation, amendments etc. of various Mining Rules.
  7. Technical Consultancy Cell.
  8. Mineral based industry.
  9. Incharge of exploratory work (i.e.) working of drills and exploratory mining units.
  10. Finalisation of field programmes of the Department.
  11. Co-ordination of fieldwork with Geological Survey of India, Mineral Exploration Corporation and other organizations.
  12. Incharge of History of Mines Cell.
  13. Matters relating to Development of Mineral Roads.
  14. Incharge for all drill workings and promotional workings covering field items of the Department.
  15. Finalization of field reports and furnishing of progress reports on promotional side including preparation of mineral data for the State.
  16. Survey and mapping of the mineral bearing areas and estimation of mineral reserves.
  17. Supervision of fieldwork allotted to subordinate officers.
  18. Supervision of the working of chemical laboratories.
  19. Maintenance of Museum in Head Office.
  20. Maintenance of Library.
  21. Matters relating to all meetings in connection with Bharat Gold Mines Limited, AndhraPradesh Mining Corporation, Mineral Advisory Board, Indian Bureau of Mines, Mines Safety etc.,

Deputy Director Mines and Geology: (State Level)

  1. Assisting the Joint Director (Promotional) in formulating various Field investigations for technical officers, supervision of Field work, scrutiny of reports etc.,
  2. Inspection of working and non-working mines and quarries from technical point of view to ensure systematic and scientific workings.
  3. Incharge of Statistical Section.
  4. Also incharge of Mineral Concession Sections enstructed by the Director of Mines and Geology.