About Merit


The MERIT (Mineral Exploration Research and Innovation Trust) has been established at state level by the proactive spirit of the Government of Andhra Pradesh in compliance to the spirit of establishment of NMET (National Mineral Exploration Trust) at National level to provide more thrust in mineral exploration, research and innovation activities the state of Andhra Pradesh to generate more auctionable blocks for complete transparency and equal opportunity for all in grant of mineral concessions.

The MERIT was formed on 13-01-2016 through G.O.MS.No.18 by the Director of Mines & Geology, A.P after rechristening DMRTUF (Development of Mineral Resources and Technology Up-gradation Fund) established in 1997 to step up the scientific mineral exploration in the mineral bearing areas of the State for both Major & Minor Minerals within a reasonable time frame for augmenting the estimated mineral resources and systematic planning of mining activities and thereby, economic development of the State in the similar lines of NMET as constituted by the Ministry of Mines, GoI.


a) Taking up regional and detailed exploration, giving priority to higher value minerals in State
b) To facilitate the process of mineral exploration and assessment of mineral reserves
c) To undertake activities for mineral development, sustainable mining adoption of advanced scientific and technological practices and mineral extraction metallurgy
d) To facilitate geo-physical, ground and aerial survey and geochemical survey of obvious geological potential areas and develop Mineral Atlas for the entire State of Andhra Pradesh
e) To organize capacity building programmes to raise technical capability of personnel engaged in or to be engaged in exploration
f) Such other purposes that the Governing Body may decide, or authorize Executive Committee to be necessary or expedient in the interest of conservation, development and exploitation of mineral resources in Andhra Pradesh.

Governing Body

A) Members:

1. Minister of Mines and Geology (Chairperson)
2. Secretary of Mines and Geology
3. Director of Mines and Geology
4. VC & MD, M/s APMDC Ltd.
5. All Joint Directors from Department of Mines and Geology
6. Special invitees having experience in the relevant field to be invited by Chairperson of the Governing Body.

B) Functions:

1.i. Lay down the broad policy framework for the functioning of the trust and review its working.
1.ii. Approve annual plan and annual budget of the Trust upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee.
1.iii. Chairperson may vary the term of the office of any nominated member or remove him/her before completion of his/her term.
1.iv. Employ or hire personnel, own and dispose off property, including intellectual property incur administrative expenses and execute documents as necessary.

Executive Committee

1. Members:

a) Secretary of Mines and Geology (Chairperson)
b) Director of Mines and Geology
c) VC & MD, APMDC Ltd.
d) All Joint Directors from Department of Mines and Geology
e) All Deputy Directors from the Department of Mines and Geology
f) Five persons from among the persons with experience in exploration or in research in a related field for a period of at least ten years to be nominated by Chairperson of the Executive Committee.

2. Functions:

i.i.i. Manage, administer and supervise the Trust
i.i.ii. Monitor and review the expenditure of the Trust at regular intervals
i.i.iii. Chairperson may vary the term of the office of any nominated member or remove him/her before completion of his/her term.

Key Personnel of MERIT

i.ii. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) selected by the Panel constituted by Governing body to administer the functioning of the Trust.
i.ii. One personnel of the rank of Joint Director (Mines and Geology) having experience in Mineral Exploration.
i.iii. One personnel of the rank of Deputy Director (Mines and Geology) having equivalent or more eligible experience.
i.iv. Two personnel of the rank of Geologist.
i.v. One personnel as beneficiation expert. i.vi. One personnel as R&D Chemist. i.vii. One personnel as Manager for administration. i.viii. One Accountant. i.ix. Supporting staff for administration as required.

Funds for MERIT

The MERIT (Mineral Exploration, Research and Innovation Trust) is permitted to :
a) Collect 2% contribution on Seignorage Fee from all the minor mineral lease holders.
b) Meet the balance 50% cost of exploration projects, GoAP needs to garner funds, as the GoI provides only 50% of the cost of exploration of major minerals, which is mandatory for auction of major minerals. Meet the expenditure for exploration of all minor minerals and innovations in beneficiation technologies.
c) Receive contribution of 10% of sales turnover from M/s APMDC Ltd., since the 2% on Seignorage Fee will be approximately to Rs.10-12 crores per annum only.

Relevant G.Os

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